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Like many of you, I come from a place of brokenness in my life. I understand firsthand the difficult work it takes to move forward into a healthy, successful space. I'm passionate about seeing people walk freely in who they really are. I believe in looking people in the eye and giving them the dignity they deserve.

I've been married for 30 hard-fought years to an amazing man and we have four adult children who are growing into the adults I always hoped they would be. I love Jesus and Marfa, Texas!  I believe in practicing the dying art of hospitality

as often as I can and I may or may not have been known to invite people whom I met in a grocery store line to dinner. (They're now dear friends.) Suffice to say, I don’t often meet a stranger. I've enjoyed over 25 years of  mentor/coaching relationships.

As a coach, I've successfully helped to uncover the confidence of others, showing them the best version of themselves. In turn, I believe there's nothing more powerful than an unstuck human being, who is moving forward. I consider this to be a world-changing force.



Why in the world would anyone, given the choice, want to lead a mediocre life? I believe that most people unfortunately live there, unaware of their full potential. I love nothing more than to help you discover what's preventing you from moving forward. I want to help you fully operate in who you were intended to be. This is why I coach. 

Coaching, as opposed to counseling, is forward-looking. You are the expert on you. I partner with

my clients to inspire them to maximize their lives. Enlightening, encouraging and empowering self-discovery is what coaching is about.


I'll listen intently to what you're saying (and not saying) so that together we can identify your blind spots and lead you into that healthy, successful space. Because once you're unstuck and progressing, the interactions you have with the world around you will change. Imagine what that will look like!



"Stacy has a kind, no-nonsense approach to seeing and calling out the best in me – even when I can’t see it. Every time I talk to her I gain a fresh perspective on myself, others or obstacles in my life. From that new view, I feel like there is a way forward and I can take the next step. She challenges me a lot, but encourages me too. She had a stubborn desire for me to be my best and healthiest self. Stacy has significantly helped me grow in my career as an executive, in my marriage, and in my personal health. I feel like I am better for my employees, my family, and myself because of her."

Emily, Hospital Executive

“The woman is real!  Her warmth invites your honest vulnerability. She doesn't just hear you but she listens with a purpose. The way she reminds you of truth and acknowledges the presence of the spirit refreshes your soul. I love her and am blessed to call her friend.”

Dottie, Physical Therapist Assistant

“Stacy has a way of listening with attentiveness, and understanding people with kindness and clear perception. She's a connector who has great insight and wisdom, and she brings warmth and hospitality to everyone around her.”

Marissa, Executive Director, Art House Dallas

“How are you?  Uh huh, okay, how are you really?"  This is Stacy.  Each conversation with Stacy is like having dinner with an old friend you've known your whole life; she will allow you to bring as much depth as you're willing.  She listens, prays, gives grace, and cries with you.  She will encourage you in each step forward on your path and provide the safe accountability that we all need.  Her soul is genuine and she oozes authenticity.  She is a gem!”

Mindy, Wife & Mother of two

“Stacy has been an incredible help in a time when I needed a reminder of who I am and what I am capable of. Coaching with her has given me the tools to be confident and make choices that are not based out of fear.”

Amy, MABC, Dallas Theological Seminary

“I often feel like the world encourages women to be smaller and quieter, but Stacy has shown me for the last decade that being bold and vocal about what you believe in, especially as a woman, lets you live more wholly. Her wisdom, encouragement, and belief in me has sustained and pushed me through some of my hardest days as a caretaker and as a graduate student in a doctoral program.”

Melissa, PhD Candidate, The Rockefeller University

“Stacy has an incredible heart for people and a one-of-a-kind ability to inspire, challenge, and encourage. She is one of the most real, genuine and honest  people I know, and she has tremendously impacted my life through her wisdom and counsel.”

Bridget, former CNN Producer

This woman is AMAZING! I've never met anyone else with such a genuine interest in people, their struggles, their strengths and their passions. She actually wants to know you, all about you, the good, the bad, the embarrassing. Stacy offers an empathetic, realistic and direct approach. She is great at holding you accountable, but not making you feel judged if you stumble while trying to reach your goals. Her enthusiasm for coaching is unparalleled. You would be hard pressed to meet another coach that would advocate for you the way Stacy will.

Katie, Psychologist


As your coach, my goal is to move you forward from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow and possibly to a place you can't even see yet.

Working with action steps and accountability will help you to have clarity on your limiting beliefs and gain the focus needed for successful self-awareness.

For your convenience, I coach via phone conversation, FaceTime, Skype or in person.

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I am a Certified Life Coach with the American Association of Christian Counselors, with over 20 years of mentor/coaching experience.


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